About Leslie-Ann Butts



Leslie-Ann Butts is a Bachelor Degree qualified Musculoskeletal Therapist / Myotherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist (Dip), experienced  in above mentioned techniques.  She is passionate about the industry of manual therapy and helping her clients achieve pain relief and maximum function  through a holistic approach to healing. She embraces techniques that with client participation like self mobilisation and corrective exercise greatly accelerate the healing process.

Each session is tailored to my client’s specific needs which may require the use of one or more techniques in one single session, I have a hands on, very inclusive approach which most clients enjoy as active participation is very satisfying and gives the client more control over their healing process.

Leslie-Ann is currently completing her Touch for Health training which forms the foundation of Kinesiology; she sometimes uses Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CTPG) Essential Oils to down-regulate (calm) the nervous system prior to a myotherapy treatment when the client is too pain or pressure sensitive.  Leslie-Annn has experience with several energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Access Bars Consciousness and Pellowah healing therefore is able to offer these at the client’s request although rebates do not apply to these healing techniques.

We are temporarily not operational but once new premises have been secured, clients will be notified.

PHONE : 0408 783 733